Time Travel Explained. How to Travel Long Distances though Space, AKA: “PORTALS IN TIME”

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Ever wonder how 1 second can equal = 100 years?

The distinctions between PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE are merely an illusion.

HOW ALIENS TRAVEL HUGE DISTANCES explains the Portals in time concept..!! Check it out:  HOW ALIENS TRAVEL HUGE DISTANCES


Flying to the moon

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life, why you are not fair
because of you,
indeed because of you,
I lost that zeal and flair
now flying to the moon
to find tranquility soon
grip slipping away from sanity
slowly becoming a loon


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Word Art "Success"
Word Art “Success”

Success is a reality-check for relationships. It is astonishing how people with low self-esteem pull at our weaknesses so fondly but when we achieve something, they will simply ignore the fact, getting all burned up deep inside.

Success brings self-confidence and peace as well as shows real faces. Fake people never support a good cause, it is only good people with healthy self-esteem who accept the courage and struggle of people working to achieve their dreams.

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Australia First to Stop Global Warming Taxes

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Source: Armstrong Economics

Australia is the first country to reverse this propaganda Global Warming Tax in the world. The data have been manipulated all to justify new taxes and a herd of new bureaucrats to collect and audit such taxes. This has been the greatest propaganda and the scientists who have been on board are doing so ONLY to get money – the academic welfare state. They create pretend training brainwash society you cannot get a job without a piece of paper from them, then 65% of the graduates cannot find jobs in the field they went to study in, and I prefer to hire people with an interest in the field rather than formally trained economists because I only have to fight with them that what they were taught was wrong anyway.

Read More Here: ArmstrongEconomics.org

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